Affordable Coworking Space in Whitefield!

Our coworking space in Whitefield is a right place to create a shared workspace solution for your team.
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What is Coworking?

Coworking is short for collaborative working. It is an emerging style of working in an innovative environment, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services.

Benefits of Coworking Space

Recent research suggests that people are more productive and creative when working from a shared workspace. workspace offers reduced distractions, a collective mindset, and preferred on-site amenities, all contributing to a collaborative environment for your work.

Why Share space coworking space?

Share space provides flexible cost and seating configuration, giving you mobility in your company’s growth. Our website allows you to search, find, and reserve a shared workspace, including coworking desks, private offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices.

The Perfect Coworking Space in Whitefield- We have flexible plans 


Shared space members can choose an open desk of their choice to work at and get straight away to business on their laptop or tablet. Our desks are cleaned after each use and members can be appropriately spaced apart for comfort. This membership is perfect for those not in need of a private office. In addition to having desk access, members have access to common areas.


How do you ensure the security in the Coworking Space at Whitefield?

We have implemented an access control system that requires members to use a key card to enter the coworking space, Along with this, we have security cameras, secured Wi-Fi and other networks that are protected from cyber threats.

What are the rental terms that you offer?

We have defined rental terms based on the client requirenments, please call us for more details.

Can I bring my monitor or other equipment?

Yes, you can bring them. Though we have security camers across the premises, it will be your resposiblity to take care of your equipments.

Can I invite guests to the space?

Yes, you can invite guests to the coworking space.

What happens with my office if my team grows?

Please keep us informed about your plans on expanding the team size, We will plan the seats availabiltiy based on your requirenments.

Can I rent your spaces for non-IT corporate events?

It depends on the number of people joining the event, please call us to discuss on this and we will find the best possible solution