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What is Virtual Office?

Virtual office plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses that don’t require an office setup, Virtual office will provide a professional business presence when you require to meet a client or vendor in an office environment

Benefits of Virtual Office

Utilizing a home office may not be a legitimate option as customers or clients aren’t able to visit your business. Virtual offices let business owners avoid the high cost of office leases, and utilize as much or as little of the office space offered by the virtual office

Why Share space Virtual office?

Share space virtual office plans provide an upgrade to the address and mail handling services, as well as access to offices. You can upscale to contemporary office surroundings when your company grows beyond its current bounds.



Share space members have a prestigious professional address that can be used as their company’s address on their new business creation documents, business cards, website, and any other important business paperwork and records. Share space provides an administrative team to support your startup or growing business. Share space makes mail forwarding, meeting room scheduling, and phone reception simple. This saves you time, money, and helps ease the process of completing your strategic objectives. 


1. What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a service that allows businesses to have a professional business address and phone number without the need for a physical office space. With a virtual office, businesses can access administrative support services, receive mail and package deliveries, and use meeting rooms or coworking spaces on an as-needed basis. Contact the Share Space team for more details.

2. What are the benefits of having a virtual office?

One of the biggest benefits of having a virtual office is the cost savings. Virtual offices typically cost a fraction of what traditional office spaces cost, and businesses can avoid expenses like rent, utilities, and office equipment. Additionally, virtual offices can provide businesses with a professional image and help them establish a presence in new markets without the need for a physical location.

3. Can I use a virtual office as my business address?

Yes, a virtual office can be used as your business address. This can be beneficial for businesses that don’t have a physical location, or for businesses that want to establish a presence in a new market without the need for a physical office space. Contact the Share Space team for more details.

4. Can I receive mail and packages at a virtual office?

Yes, most virtual offices provide mail and package handling services. They can receive and store mail and packages on behalf of businesses, and some virtual offices even offer mail forwarding services to ensure that businesses receive their mail and packages in a timely manner. Contact the Share Space team for more details.

5. Can I use a virtual office for meetings or to work in a coworking space?

Yes, many virtual offices offer meeting rooms and coworking spaces as part of their service offerings. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that need to hold occasional meetings or that want access to a professional workspace on an as-needed basis. Contact the Share Space team for more details.

6. How much does a virtual office in Whitefield cost?

The cost of a virtual office in Whitefield can vary depending on the provider and the specific services included in the package. Generally, a virtual office in Whitefield can cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of Rupees per month. The cost will depend on the location, the level of services provided, and the duration of the contract. You can also directly contact the share space team to get a detailed quotation.